7 Steps to a Good Core Workout Routine

Who doesn’t want a strong, flat and beautifully slim core? It’s the highlight of any beach body, and essential for everyday strength and confidence. 

As you may have guessed, a sleek tummy doesn’t happen by chance. Therefore, taking the time to tailor a good core workout routine is imperative. 

The first thing to remember is that the best core workout is the one you actually do. This means it is pointless creating a routine that you find too long or too boring to fit into your schedule. You just won’t do it.

First and foremost, ensure that you find a core workout routine that you will want to perform often, and the rest will come much easier. 

With this in mind, let’s dive a little deeper and consider the elements of a great core workout routine.

Signs of a good core workout routine

The 7 Steps to an effective core workout routine


#1. Do it Often

When it comes to training your core, the more often you do it, the better. We recommend finding a routine that you can perform around 2 to 3 times a week. 

This is frequent enough to properly sculpt your midsection, while allowing your muscles enough time to recover in between sessions. 


#2. Keep it Consistent

The reason many people fail at fitness is because they start a routine with great intentions, but then don’t keep it up. 

Just like running once a week won’t make you a great runner, performing an ab work once every now and again isn’t going to give you the abs you want. Be sure to commit to your routine consistently. Make it a habit and you will always see results!


#3. Mix Up Your Movement

There are two reasons to vary the movements you do. Firstly, it prevents you from becoming bored with your routine. Secondly, it keeps your muscles guessing—which keeps them growing.
Think of it this way: performing endless crunches multiple times a week will get very boring, very quickly. By mixing up how you train your core, you will both avoid your routines becoming stale, while also keeping your abs in top shape.


#4. Aim for Full Range of Motion

Crunches are a mainstay on many workout routines, although they actually fail to do what people think. While they do target your core, they don’t activate your entire core—and this is a problem.

So instead of constantly doing crunches, consider aiming for movements that offer a full range of motion. Achieving this full range is always more effective at building the muscle you desire.


#5. Rotation is Key

Crunches and sit-ups work your core in a front-to-back plane of motion, although this is very two dimensional. As the core is made up of many different muscles, you will need to become more 3D with your routines.

By adding movements on different planes, including rotation, you will target the internal and external obliques (the sides of your torso). This helps you develop a strong, functional, and more aesthetically-pleasing midsection.


#6. Move With Control 

When performing your ab workout routine, remember that it is not a race. Like anything in fitness, it is more efficient to do one controlled movement than five uncontrolled reps. 

Don’t rely on momentum to get the job done. Instead, take your time to fully engage with the muscle you want to train and perform the movement in a slow and deliberate way.


#7. Activate Your Deep Abs 

While you may be training for aesthetics, training your deep abdominal muscles is just as significant. Known as the transversus abdominis, these deep muscles sit under the rectus abdominis (your six pack) and have huge importance in the stability of the spine. 

If you want to promote a healthy midsection and back, then never overlook your deep abs. Be sure to engage them as you perform your workout routine by bracing your core as you move.


All of this might sound bit much…

…But it can be very simple.

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Then you can skip the part where you have to study movements and design your own workout around them. We have made everything easy for you and you can just focus on doing. Work out 8 minutes a day, 3 times a week and your core gets slimmer and stronger every day.

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