How to Get The App

Press the button above!

When using a mobile device, get our free app by tapping on the “Get the App” button above.


  1. Press the button above
  2. Tap the share button
  3. Choose the “Add to Home Screen” button

More detailed instructions below


  1. Press the button
  2. The app will automatically install onto your device


More detailed instructions below

having trouble? try this



Add to Home Screen

On an iOS device, installing the app is only possible when using Safari.

If you can’t see the “Press Here to Get the App” option (1), you can skip step one and go straight to step two, where you will need to tap on the “Share” button (2). The “Share” button will open a Safari menu.

Once the Share menu is open, choose the “Add to Home Screen” button (3). And voilà!

You’re ready to install the 8MinAbs app to your home screen!



Install from Settings

When using Chrome on an Android device, you should see three dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen (1). Clicking on the three dots opens your Chrome menu.

Tap on the “Install App” button (2), and ta-da! Your 8MinAbs app will install on your phone immediately.

The app will not open automatically. So, exit the browser window to locate the app on your home screen and tap on the icon to launch the app.

why should i do all this?

3 reasons to download our free app


It makes working out easier
and more fun.

By using our app, you will have the most mobile-friendly experience. And when a workout only takes 8 minutes, why bother opening up a computer?


You can access your next workout straight from your phone’s home screen.

No searching for links or browsing through different workouts! Find your next workout with just a click of a button to ensure easy access!


Seeing the app on your phone home screen works as a reminder to work out.

When working out doesn’t take an hour every day, it could be easy to forget! Seeing the 8MinAbs app will remind you to spare 8 minutes to find your lost abs.